Medallion Plus Sump Cleaner (PAIL)


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Quick Overview

Medallion Plus® Sump Cleaner is an economical, mildly alkaline, liquid compound designed for the removal of dirt, oily residues, and biofilm in coolant reservoirs, sumps, filter housings, channels, and piping. It can be added to the existing coolant charge and circulated during normal production, if desired. Medallion Plus Sump Cleaner is low foaming and will provide short-term rust protection (3-days) for machinery and coolant system components.

Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Medallion Plus® Sump Cleaner offers:

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Biomass removal
  • Mild Alkalinity
  • Low-foaming operation
  • Short-term rust protection
  • Compatibility with Medallion Plus Coolants

Medallion Plus® Sump Cleaner is recommended for use at concentrations of 2% - 6%, depending on the amount of soil present and the application pressure. A circulating time of 1 hour is generally sufficient for most coolant systems, although longer contact times can be used for particularly difficult cleanouts. Rinsing is not required before adding the new coolant unless a large amount of the cleaner remains in the system. In this event, a light flush is generally sufficient to complete the cleanout. Special engineering considerations may apply for high-pressure systems. Please consult your PetroLiance sales representative for technical advice.

Typical Properties

Medallion Plus Sump Cleaner

Property Value
Appearance Clear amber liquid
Specific Gravity @ 72ºF 1.04 - 1.07
pH (diluted 2% in water) 9.4 - 10.5
pH (concentrate): 10.0 – 11.0
Use concentration 2% - 6%  
Circulating Time 1 Hour