Dropping Point of Lubricating Greases

dropping point of lubricating grease

ASTM D2265, AFNOR T 60-102, DIN 51 805, IP 132, NOM 72-71


Determine high temperature structural grease properties related to the thickener

Brief Description

The dropping point of a lubricating grease is the temperature at which the thickener can no longer hold the base oil. Some of the reasons oil can no longer be held are that the thickener has melted or the oil has become so thin it is not held by the thickener. Grease is placed in a small cup and heated in an oven-like device. When a drop of oil falls from the lower opening, the dropping point of the grease is calculated using the temperatures in the oven and inside the cup. Soap or polymer thickened greases demonstrate a dropping point while inorganic thickeners such as clay or graphite may not have a dropping point. ASTM method D2265 is preferred over the older and less precise ASTM D566.

The information presented in this article was originally derived from a publication from Mobil, and is presented here for information only. Please consult with your Certified Lubrication Specialist to ensure proper testing is done.