Electric Motor Testing of Lubricating Greases

Electric Motor Grease TestingFuture Mobil Method


Determine grease performance in electric motor service.

Brief Description

The front ball bearing of a Reliance electric motor is packed with the test gerase and operated at 3600 rpm, 150°C and 75 pounds of load. The test can be run continuously until fail or can be operated cyclically, with 20 hours running followed by 4 hours switched off. Motor horsepower, bearing vibration, temperature, and heater current are recorded. The test continues until the grease consistency thickens from oxidation and/or evaporation. Increased vibration identifies that the grease has become dry and is a poor lubricant.

The information presented in this article was originally derived from a publication from Mobil, and is presented here for information only. Please consult with your Certified Lubrication Specialist to ensure proper testing is done.