JAX America's Finest Penetrating Oil (Case - 12 Cans)


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Quick Overview

JAX America's Finest Petrating Oil is a penetrating oil with the addition of moly for long lasting lubrication after the propellant solvents evaporate. It quickly penetrates and loosens frozen nuts, bolts, fastener mechanisms, mufflers, and engines, and is even effective on hot surfaces. The ultimate rust buster. H-2

JAX America's Finest Penetrating Oil can

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America’s Finest Penetrating Oil is a premium quality penetrating oil, compounded for professionals, mechanics and engineers. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of the finest available oils, the most effective wetting agents, and Moly to meet the toughest industrial standards. America’s Finest Penetrating Oil has a powerful high-performance solvent that quickly cuts through rust, dirt, grease and corrosion, penetrating the smallest cracks, while the molybdenum disulfide is drawn in for easy separation and long-lasting lubrication.

America’s Finest Penetrating Oil frees and lubricates:

  • Rusted nuts and bolts
  • Manifold heat valves (heat risers)
  • Valves, stems, rocker arms, hydraulic lifters
  • Tie rod knuckles, mufflers and tailpipes
  • Door hinges, door locks, hood hinges

Additional uses include:

  • Removes rubber squeaks from shock absorbers, motor mounts, etc.
  • Prevents sticking of fast idle cams and automatic chokes due to gumming
  • Leaves a residual protecting film of molybdenum disulfide 
Typical Properties
Propellant: Propane and n-Butane
Flash Point: 320°F (160°C) Oil, typical
Spray Pattern: Narrow Stream
Texture: Light Oil with Fine MOSParticulate
Appearance: Gray
Consistency: Light
Specific Gravity: 0.87 for Concentrate, typical