JAX Belt Dressing (Case - 12 Cans)


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Quick Overview

JAX Belt Dressing is an outstanding belt dressing product for use on leather, canvas and rubber drive belts that is now NSF H1-registered as a food-grade incidental contact lubricant. It contains no resins or asphalts, and will not collect dust, dirt or other airborne abrasive materials that can shorten the life of a drive belt. The exclusive formulation will keep drive belts clean and supple, with no residual build-up or accumulation.

Jax Belt Dressing Cans

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  • Jax Belt Dressing Cans
JAX Belt Dressing lengthens the life of drive belts by preventing premature cracking and brittleness. When used on slipping belts, JAX Belt Dressing will help restore optimum power output while providing improved traction and allowing reduced belt tension.

JAX Belt Dressing is formulated to work equally well on:

  • Flat or round rubber or composition V-belts
  • Industrial belt drives
  • Truck and automotive fan belts
  • Farm machinery leather or canvas take-off belts
  • High-load industrial compressor or generator belts
Typical Properties
Propellant: Propane and n-Butane
Flash Point: -6°F (-21°C) Bulk Product, Tag, typical
Spray Pattern: Stream
Texture: Light Sticky Film
Appearance: Clear Straw Liquid
Consistency: Light
Specific Gravity: 0.70 for Concentrate, typical