JAX Dry Glide FG Silicone (Case - 12 Cans)


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Quick Overview

Formulated with a high concentration of premium, food-grade silicone fluid. Use for waterproofing and eliminating friction. Use on chutes, conveyors, boxing and folding machines, knives, and saws. H-1

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JAX Dry Glide Food Grade Silicone Spray Cans

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  • JAX Dry Glide Food Grade Silicone Spray Cans

JAX Dry-Glide® Silicone is a premium quality aerosol silicone lubricant with a high percentage of premium quality food-grade silicone fluid — three times the percentage found in competitive sprays! JAX has developed a formula that is long-lasting and results-driven. JAX Dry-Glide reduces friction, particularly between unlike surfaces or materials, and is especially effective for applications requiring dry and friction-free lubrication. With up to five times more dry friction reduction over average sprays, Dry-Glide can be used anywhere that friction needs to be eliminated. Contains Micronox®.

 Benefits include:

  • Quick drying time
  • Long-lasting lubrication
  • Dry lubrication — will not attract dust, fibers, etc.
  • Hinges
  • Levers
  • Sliding mechanisms
  • Fork lift tines when unloading slip sheets
  • Zippers
  • Snaps
  • Bagging operations
  • Wrapping and packaging machinery
  • Protectant for leather, vinyl and rubber
  • Cutting blades
Typical Properties
Propellant: Propane and Butane
Flash Point: 620°F (326°C) Silicone Fluid, typical
-94°F (-70°C) Propellant, typical
Pour Point: -85°F (-65°C) Silicone Fluid, typical
Spray Pattern: Fine Mist
Viscosity: 266 cSt @ 40°C Silicone Fluid
Texture: Evaporating Mist
Appearance: Clear
Consistency: Light
Specific Gravity: 0.977 for Concentrate, typical