JAX Magna Plate 22 (5 Gal. Pail)

SKU# JAX00222-035

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JAX Magna-Plate 22 is a unique 100% synthetic grease formulated for freezers and other applications where temperatures can approach -50°F (-46°C) and lower. It has excellent wear and rust protection, in an extremely pumpable grease.

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JAX Magna-Plate 22 has been redeveloped to satisfy the extreme temperature conditions found in several areas of modern food-processing. The base soap used is a revolutionary food-grade grease thickener with an advanced, proprietary calcium sulfonate complex technology. This newly enhanced thickener technology provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, new JAX Magna-Plate 22 has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance characteristics. The base oil is a Polyalphaolefin synthetic with excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear performance, and a pour point of -90°F. The combination of the two major ingredients, the base oil and the thickener, gives JAX Magna-Plate 22 unsurpassed performance in the very cold environments found in all types of chilling and freezing equipment, yet allows the grease to maintain excellent body should the temperatures be elevated.

For grease applications in freezers and other applications where temperatures approach -50F. Excellent wear and rust protection with superior pumpability. H-1
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