JAX Poly Guard FG-2 (Case - 10 Tubes)

SKU# JAX00492-050

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JAX Poly-Guard FG-2 is a high-temperature food grade grease for high-speed bearings. This grease has a polyurea thickener, and is outstanding for high-speed filling equipment. NLGI #2. H-1. Advanced anti-wear machinery grease with PTFE and Micronox® technology.

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Food-grade lubricating greases that provide performance levels higher than anything the industry has ever seen. Poly-Guard FG has a new advanced technology thickener, greatly enhanced rust protection, and one of the highest levels of E.P. and anti-wear performance available. Other features include excellent pumpability, separation control, and easier cleanup for sanitation.
Outstanding for high-speed filling equipment. NLGA #2, H-1.
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