JAX Protecto-Lube (Case - 12 Cans)


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Quick Overview

JAX Protecto-Lube is a dry-film moly spray for long-term lubrication and rust-proofing. An excellent anti-seize compound and rust preventative. NSF H2.

JAX Protecto-Lube can

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JAX Protecto-Lube is a dry-film moly spray that gives positive protection against wear, rust and corrosion. The exclusive formulation includes molybdenum disulfide, which creates a friction-reducing film that resists heat, cold, moisture and salt.

JAX Protecto-Lube is ideal as a protective coating on seasonal equipment such as plow blades, lawn mower decks, agricultural machinery, saw blades, snow removal equipment, salters, sanders and shovels. JAX Protecto-Lube also provides protection for metal surfaces for long-term storage or shipping overseas. After working in, JAX Protecto-Lube leaves a smooth, dry film with a thickness of less than 0.0001”.

Use JAX Protecto-Lube on chains and conveyors where an oil-based “wet” lubricant is not practical, yet antiwear and extreme-pressure protection are needed. Once dry, the moly lubricant gives outstanding high- and low-temperature performance, making it ideal as an anti-seize for applications such as head bolts, manifolds, muffler clamps, and furnace, oven and kiln maintenance. JAX Protecto-Lube is temperature-resistant to 800°F (427°C).

For Extreme-Pressure metal-to-metal applications, consider that in looking at the metallic surfaces through a microscope, you would see a rough surface with ridges and gaps. If another metal surface is to slide or turn on top of that, Protecto-Lube will fill the gaps with its fine particulate dry-lube chemistry thus smoothing the contact area and reducing friction and wear and eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

Typical Properties
Propellant: Propane and n-Butane
Flash Point: N/A
Spray Pattern: Mist
Viscosity: Dry Film: N/A
Texture: Extremely Dry, Fine MoSParticulate Film
Appearance: Powdery Liquid Until Dry
Consistency: Powdery Liquid