Mechanical-Dynamic Testing of Roller Bearing Greases

Mechanical Dynamic Grease TestingDIN 51 806 & SKF R2F


Evaluate the ability of grease to satisfactorily lubricate a double row spherical roller bearing (see photo) operated at various speeds and temperatures.

Brief Description

The method evaluates the lubrication characteristics of a grease in two spherical roller bearings operation at 2500 (Procedure A) or 1500 (Procedure B) rpm, 850 kg load, and a variety of test temperatures. The test typically runs 480 hours, which includes a re-packing of the bearing after 24 hours. At the end of the test, the bearings are examined for wear and deposits. Bearings specified for this method, as well as test rating methods, have frequently changed. Test rating methods are presently based on visual inspection. Satisfactorily performing greases have good mechanical stability, usually having a base oil viscosity of ISO VG 100 or more and a moderate oil release.

The information presented in this article was originally derived from a publication from Mobil, and is presented here for information only. Please consult with your Certified Lubrication Specialist to ensure proper testing is done.