Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oil (Pail)

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Quick Overview

Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oil is a dark amber, active cutting oil for the machining of difficult metals where a high degree of active anti-weld is required.

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Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oil contains an effective anti-mist additive to reduce misting of the cutting oil during high speed machining operations. In addition to lubricity agents and inactive sulfur and chlorine, the Medallion Plus HD 1300 contains active sulfur for superior control of the built-up-edge on tools. It produces excellent finish on parts, prevents welding and tearing, and prolongs tool life.

Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oilmay stain non-ferrous metals. It can not be used as a machine lubricant. Where there is considerable cross-contamination from lube oils, as in most automatic screw machines, Medallion Plus NS 300 dual-purpose oil can be used as the machine lubricant and for low pressure hydraulic systems. Leakage of the NS 300 into the HD 1300 cutting oil will result in little or no degradation of the cutting oil performance.

Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oil is particularly well suited for moderate and high-speed machining of difficult metals:

  • Formulated to prevent excessive build-up edge in cutting operations.
  • Formulated for compatibility with Medallion Plus® NS 300.
  • May be used as "spike oil" in operations using our multipurpose gear/cutting oil NS 300.
Typical Properties

Medallion Plus HD 1300 Cutting Oil

Viscosity of Oil, ASTM D 445, cSt @ 40 °C 32.0
Color, Visual Dark Amber
Flash Point °F, ASTM D 93 400F
Total Sulfur, ASTM D 129 2.7%
Active Sulfur, ASTM D 1662 1.8%
Chlorine, ASTM D 4327 1.6%`
Lubricity Fat IR
Spectra. 13.5%