Medallion Plus SO 5780 (PAIL)


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Quick Overview

Medallion Plus SO 5780 is a worker-friendly, heavy-duty, multi-metal emulsifiable cutting and grinding fluid.

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Medallion Plus SO 5780’s biostable formula ensures long sump life and resistance to rancidity. The sulfonate-free emulsifier system ensures excellent stability in hard water, but is sufficiently balanced to minimize foam in soft water. Compared to other metalworking coolants, Medallion Plus SO 5780 is nearly odorless, clean running, gentle on the skin, and safe for workers when properly maintained.

Medallion Plus SO 5780 is intended for difficult machining and grinding applications on a wide range of metals from soft die cast aluminum to hardened tool steels. It is not recommended for brass due to the possibility of staining. It is ideally suited for metalworking facilities where a single fluid is desired for a wide range of difficult machining operations on a variety of tough metals. EP additives ensure excellent tool life and surface finish in critical machining operations on low-machinability metals.

 Medallion Plus SO 5780 offers:

  • Low to non-irritating formula. Protects workers from skin and breathing issues.
  • Super Heavy-Duty, multi-metal capabilities (EP)
  • Sulfonate-free emulsifier system for excellent stability and low foaming performance
  • Biostable formula for excellent rancidity control
  • Excellent detergency for clean-running machines and sumps
  • Excellent rust protection at concentrations as low as 4%
  • Low odor formula that is non-irritating to workers
Typical Properties
Property Value
Appearance Clear amber liquid
Specific Gravity @ 72ºF 0.95-0.97
pH (diluted 5% in water) 8.9-9.4
Use concentration: Grinding 3%-5%
Use concentration: Cutting 5%-10%
Chlorinated Additive Present  
Refractometer multiplier 1.0