Medallion Plus Syn 1025 (PAIL)


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Quick Overview

Medallion Plus SYN 7116 is a worker-friendly, true-solution synthetic cutting and grinding fluid.


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SYN 7116’s biostable formula ensures long sump life and resistance to rancidity. This synthetic coolant remains stable and low-foaming in either hard or soft water. Medallion Plus SYN 1025 leaves machines exceptionally clean and free of sticky residues. It provides bi-metal corrosion protection to prevent rust on parts and machines. Compared to other metalworking coolants, Medallion Plus SYN 1025 is nearly odorless, clean-running, gentle on the skin, and safe for workers when properly maintained.


Medallion Plus SYN 1025 offers:

  • Low to non-irritating formula. Protects workers from skin and breathing issues.
  • Exceptional cooling in grinding ferrous metals
  • Stable, low foaming solution
  • Biostable formula for excellent rancidity control
  • Clean operation with no sticky machine residues
  • Excellent rust protection at concentrations as low as 4%
  • Low odor formula that is non-irritating to workers; Lubricity sufficient for moderate-duty cutting operations.

Medallion Plus SYN 1025 is intended primarily as a high-performance grinding fluid for ferrous materials. It provides excellent cooling in grinding operations and has sufficient lubricity for light to moderate-duty cutting applications.  Medallion Plus SYN 1025 is an oil-rejecting fluid.  It also allows chips and grinding swarf to settle rapidly.

Typical Properties

Medallion Plus SYN 1025

Property Value
Appearance Clear yellow liquid
Specific Gravity @ 72ºF 1.04 - 1.07
pH (diluted 5% in water) 9.3 - 9.5
Use concentration: Grinding 4% - 6%
Use concentration: Cutting  6% - 8%
Chrominated Additive  none
Refractometer multiplier  1.3